MoneroSigner Project Tracking

The project is actively being developed, this page is where to checkout the latest raodblocks, improvements and timelines.

The MoneroSigner project has a lot of moving parts. I have broken the project out into bigger project milestones. These milestones have a large amount of smaller sub tasks and can be hard to measure or track when following the github or social media.

seedsigner emulator audit [COMPLETE]

I created a fork of the seedsigner emulator for monerosigner available here:

PortableMoneroQR research and standard creation [INPROGRESS]

Portable MoneroQR - The portable monero qr standard is the standard created for the monerosigner project.

Companion Application [BACKLOG]

MoneroSigner Companion - Moneorsigner companion provides a toolset for interacting with Monerosigner devices in an offline way.

DIY scripts & docs [BACKLOG]

moneroSignerLibraries [BACKLOG]

MoneroSigner Libraries- Libraries utilized for the monero signer

Monero Related Projects

MoneroDice Wallet Generator [COMPLETE]

MoneroDice Wallet Generator- A Monero Diceware seed generator. Generate Monero wallet seeds by rolling dice. Can be used offline. [BACKLOG] A pure python reference of Monero Seed Phrases without requiring the monero python library.

This project is a swiss-army knife for converting different types of monero seeds. For example, If you have a Ledger seed and are looking to covert it for use with Trezor or the official wallet. You could use this minimal requirements python tool.

PicoNero [BACKLOG]

PicoNero- A Monero hardware wallet built around a raspberry pi pico ($4 microcontroller board).

This project will eventually be worked on after completion of the Monero Signer CCS. This project aims to produce an extremely cheap microcontroller based hardware wallet.