What is MoneroSigner?

Monerosigner is a fork of the popular open source bitcoin wallet called SeedSigner

Monerosigner is a fork of seedsigner. Seedsigner is a bitcoin only DIY hardware wallet based around the raspberry pi zero. It is meant to be completely offline and uses qr codes and a camera to transfer unsigned transactions to the device. The device is airgapped and signs the transaction before transferring it back to the "internet connected" machine via QR code.

Difference between Seedsigner and MoneroSigner

Monerosigner is a fork of seedsigner adding support for monero. While it is a fork there are some major differences.

  • Monerosigner is monero only. It does not have support for bitcoin. This is done to minimize the feature set and enable monero native accounts etc.
  • Monerosigner uses a different seed storage QR code than seedsigner. It is a slightly modified version of
  • Monerosginer uses Portable Monero QR to transfer transactions. This is done as the amount of data needed as monero signing requires more steps and has larger tx sizes.
  • Monerosigner uses a different KDF for generating the seed from dicetolls. Seedsigner uses BIP39 standard KDF.

Why a DIY wallet?

Self custody has been an ideological pillar for using cryptocurrency to empower individuals. "Not your keys, not your coins" has often been used as a motto to convince individuals to take custody of their private keys. Hardware wallets and offline signing machines offer protection against a malware compromised machine. They offer great protection against that specific threat but there are some tradeoffs:

  • Vendor lock-in (What is they go out of business)
  • Supplychain risk
    • Security compromise (What if your hardware wallet it intercepted and tampered by criminals)
    • Sourcing components (What is a vendor can't find parts or their factory overseas can't be used do to new regulations in a foreign country?)
    • Geopolitical risk
  • Privacy - The most private wallet is the one only YOU know about.

DIY wallets can help give users an option for hardware wallets built out easy to source commodity hardware.

What parts do I need?

A monerosigner uses the same hardware as a seedsigner.

  • Raspberry Pi Zero version 1.3 (not “W” for extra peace of mind). You can use other PI boards (pi2, pi3 and pi4 and their derivatives)
  • Waveshare 1.3 LCD Hat (240 x 240 pixels
  • Raspberry PI camera
  • A case (Monerotime.store) has some beautiful metal ones.