A DIY Monero Wallet

Because the most private wallet is the one only YOU know about

About MoneroSigner

Monerosigner is a monero fork of Seedsigner. Use an air-gapped Raspberry Pi Zero to sign monero transactions! Monerosigner let's anybody create their own hardware wallet out of commodity single board computers.

Why MoneroSigner (or any DIY wallet for that matter)?

Self custody has been an ideological pillar for using cryptocurrency to empower individuals. "Not your keys, not your coins" has often been used as a motto to convince individuals to take custody of their private keys. Hardware wallets and offline signing machines offer protection against a malware compromised machine. They offer great protection against that specific threat but there are some tradeoffs:

  • Vendor lock-in (What is they go out of business)
  • Supplychain risk
    • Security compromise (What if your hardware wallet it intercepted and tampered by criminals)
    • Sourcing components (What is a vendor can't find parts or their factory overseas can't be used do to new regulations in a foreign country?)
    • Geopolitical risk
  • Privacy - The most private wallet is the one only YOU know about.

DIY wallets can help give users an option for hardware wallets built out easy to source commodity hardware.

Getting started

This project is still in development and not ready for the general public. That said, if you are a technical person and want to get involved with some early releases please contact me on Matrix -

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Email along with pgp key is avaible in the contact page

Disclaimer:_ MoneroSigner is an open-source project created with the community's interests at heart. Please exercise due diligence and ensure you understand the risks associated with cryptocurrency management.